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Understanding All That Plumbers and Plumbing Companies Do

Plumbers are trades persons who specialize in installing and maintaining systems such as sewage, water and drainage. To qualify as a plumber one may require some extensive training and many years of apprenticeship. Qualified plumbers perform the following tasks:
• Joining pipes
• Fitting together using soldering techniques
• Threaded fitting
• Push-on fittings
Plumbers must obtain licenses before they are allowed to practice their trade in any given state. In the U.S., no federal law establishes licensing for plumbers. However, in the UK, it is mandatory that the plumbers must pass level 2 and 3 vocational requirements including passing City and Guilds Exams administered by City and Guilds of London institute.

As an industry, plumbing is fluid and is constantly changing. No wonder that finding good plumbers requires some research. The internet remains the top place where you can find a plumber. Even though, you need to be careful since there are numerous plumbing companies that post positive reviews about themselves. They also obtain fraudulent ratings to boost their chances of being hired. Thus, it is necessary that you carry out a rigorous research to help you identify plumbing professionals who can provide the required plumbing services.

What to Consider When Choosing a Plumber

If you have a major plumbing undertaking, it is prudent that you consider certain facts before contracting or hiring the plumber. They include:
• The price – it is often a big issue since the differences in cost between two plumbers with the same qualifications could be drastic. Ensure that you look for plumbers who are ready to provide you with free estimates.
• Experience- don’t just hire a plumber because he is licensed. Consider the experience and how he is accustomed to doing the job.
• Guarantees – check the kind of guarantee that comes with the plumbers work. Will he offer a written agreement that guarantees his work for a stated number of days?
• References- consider engaging someone you have been referred to by a friend or a relative.
• License- it is important that you hire a plumber who is licensed, bonded and insured

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